Past pupil: Dominic Siaki (2012)

We congratulate Dominic who has been accepted to Biola University in California with scholarships for academic excellence.   Biola is a “Christian Liberal Arts University” that offers degrees in many different learning areas.  Dominic applied to the school of Cinema and Media Arts within the University, but was told that is was unusual for first year students to get in.

Here is an excerpt of his letter of acceptance from the university:

“Dear Dominic:  Congratulations!  We’re pleased to extend an invitation for you to join us as a Cinema and Media Arts major with a Production concentration.  Your application intrigued and inspired us…We want you to get started telling stories and making movies….You will be joining over 200 Biola students currently majoring in some aspect of the entertainment business, ranging from screenwriting to media management. We have a vibrant creative community on campus.  It is a historic time in Hollywood, when people of faith have been instrumental in the creation of projects like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Warrior and, of course, The Book of Eli.  We have a long list of applicants eager to join us as we bridge the gap between faith and film.  We hope this next year is a great year for you, wherever God leads you.”

We look forward to hearing updates from Dominic re his future endeavours!