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Welcome to our vibrant and spiritually alive private Christian school, where we cultivate a diverse and embracing high school culture. With a legacy of 40 years of 100% Pass Rate in the IEB Certification, our academic excellence is evident in our learners’ achievements, including learners regularly attaining in the top 1% nationally for various subjects. 

At our school, Bible education classes, mentorship and assemblies are integral parts of the discipleship process, fostering a deep understanding of spiritual values. Our experienced Christian teachers openly share their faith with learners, emphasizing character growth and the development of the whole child. We offer a wide range of opportunities for learners to explore arts, culture, and sports, with a strong emphasis on healthy competition, team dynamics, collaboration, participation and having fun! Grade camps, excursions, job shadowing and community service opportunities add richness to school life.

Leadership development is a key focus, with high school learners encouraged to serve within the primary school, taking on age-appropriate roles and responsibilities. Grade 7s seamlessly transition into high school, receiving intentional support and equipping for this new phase of their education journey. We also offer Grade 8 scholarship opportunities, reflecting our commitment to providing quality education to deserving learners.

We take pride in our supportive approach to education working in partnership with parents to provide the necessary scaffolding to help learners develop their potential. Under the guidance of an Educational Psychologist, together with the support our Wellness Counsellor and other staff, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of all learners. 

Join us and be part of a community that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, preparing learners to excel in all aspects of life and ultimately make a difference in the world.

We are proud to be the 2023 Platinum School Award winner for implementation of the Eyebraingym online reading programme, building on our success of being the Gold winner in 2022.  Eyebraingym uses the latest technology to improve visual processing, reading and comprehension skills. We use this programme with all our Grade 4 and 8 learners to help develop these critical skills. Grade 4 was selected to give a solid foundation as learners move into the Intermediate Phase and begin with weekly cycle tests. Grade 8 was selected as we have a significant intake of new learners into this grade and this programme helps to prepare them for high school. Visit https://www.eyebraingym.com/ for more information or view the brochure.

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Adolescents are very different from primary school children! They look different, they learn differently, and their response to the faith of their parents is different. Things change in the adolescent years as they are no longer primarily 'learners'; they now become more and more 'decision-makers’. We provide a safe place where adolescents can ask questions and are supported spiritually, emotionally and physically. The Christian High School has an important role to play, along with parents and the church, in providing an atmosphere where adolescents can navigate their journey with Christ.

    • Language, Literacy & Communication:
      • English (Home Language)
      • Afrikaans or IsiZulu (First Additional Language)
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Sciences:
      • Physical Science
      • Biology
    • Human & Social Sciences:
      • History
      • Geography
    • Economic & Management Science:
  • EMS – Gr 7-8
  • EMS- Gr 9 (6 months)
  • Sports Science – Gr 9 (6 months)
  • Accounting – Gr 8 & 9
    • Technology
      • Computer Literacy – Gr 7&8
      • Coding – Gr 9
      • Hospitality Studies – Gr  9
    • Arts and Culture
      • Art
      • Drama
    • Life Orientation (including Physical Education; Bible Education)
    • Learners also have Mentoring as a subject, where they are given the opportunity to share and be guided in a safe environment. With these age appropriate sessions, teachers/pastors are able to provide the needed input into learner's lives to ensure they feel understood and supported. We understand that our young people require security, love, and guidance within healthy relationships for spiritual formation and discipleship provided by a Christian High School.
  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans or IsiZulu (First Additional Language)
  • Life Orientation: (including Physical Education; Bible Studies)
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Learners also have Mentoring as a subject, where they are given the opportunity to share and be guided in a safe environment. With these age appropriate sessions, teachers/pastors are able to provide the needed input into learner's lives to ensure they feel heard and supported. We understand that our young people require security, love, and guidance within healthy relationships for spiritual formation and discipleship provided by a Christian High School.
  Three of the following subjects depending on the timetable:
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Application Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Sports and Exercise Sciences
  • Visual Arts
  • Further Studies Mathematics (Gr 11 & 12)
  • Further Studies English (Gr 11 & 12) – took out italics
Additional subjects offered by diverse providers may be available at an extra cost to parents, should this be possible. These subjects include:
  • Other languages
  • Music
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  * Subject combinations may change from year to year according to demand - please speak to the Admissions Co-Ordinator, Principal or Educational Psychologist.

Our teachers are qualified to teach their subjects at high school level - some of the current staff members hold honours and masters degrees. The matric team has had many years of experience and has consistently produced excellent results. We are very grateful to God for the committed and competent teaching staff at our school.

The King's School Robin Hills is committed to upholding high academic standards. To this end we encourage learners to enter the various Olympiads and international benchmarking tests in addition to writing the IEB matriculation exams.

We again achieved 100% pass rate in the IEB matric exam.

Most of the independent schools in South Africa offer the IEB (which is the Independent Examinations Board).  The King’s School also has full Umalusi accreditation. Our annual matric results have consistently been above that of the average of the IEB i.e. our matric class average each year has been higher than that of all IEB candidates across all schools. This is testament to the high standard of education that we offer at TKS.


Our teachers are in regular contact with teachers in other schools through IEB User Groups and other professional forums. We strive to improve the standards we have achieved and remain abreast of trends in education in South Africa.



An example of academic rigour is the One Research Task, offered at IEB schools in Grade 12, which is a specific task that has been designed to teach Gr12 learners the foundational research, writing and referencing skills that are essential at university. This entails the learners doing first hand research and their final research project follows the format of a masters/doctoral thesis with an introduction, literature review, data collection, data analysis and discussion and then conclusion.

FACTS ABOUT THE IEB NSC:  (Source : https://www.ieb.co.za/pages/nationalseniorcertificate)

The IEB uses the South African National Curriculum which is regulated by the Department of Basic Education.

  • The IEB NSC is quality assured by Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education.
  • The IEB NSC is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is equivalent to Cambridge AS level.


The IEB produces consistent, reliable results in the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate:

  • Average pass rate is between 97% and 98%
  • Pass with entry to degree study, between 78% and 80%


A study carried out at the University of Cape Town in 2008 noted that:

  • 25% of first degree graduates at UCT in 2007 came from IEB schools
  • On average over a 3 year period, the throughput rate of learners from IEB schools was 98%
    • Term 1: Swimming, Tennis
    • Term 2: Netball (girls), Rugby (boys), Soccer (boys and girls)
    • Term 3: Athletics, Cross-Country, Tennis, Cricket (boys)
    • Term 4: Swimming, Tennis, Cricket (boys)

    Competitions in sport take place in local schools’ leagues as well as in Christian schools’ leagues. As our school is small, many learners have the opportunity to play sport at team level and to represent their school in matches.

  • Choir;
  • Public Speaking;
  • Debating;
  • Bible Quiz;
  • Drama (Inter-house plays and school productions);
  • Worship team/Band;
  • Outreach and service;
  • Art Club
  • Photography (high school);
  • Learners have the opportunity to participate in Olympiads, e.g. Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, English, Information Technology and Mathematics.
  • Each year our Grade 7 to 12 learners look forward to attending the annual High School Camps. There are different focuses for each camp in each Grade.
  • During the high school camps the learners interact with trained leaders in set programmes. The programmes consist of a variety of activities such as obstacle courses, team-building activities, community service, night walks, abseiling etc. Camp activities foster personal, social and character development.

We strongly believe that all our young people need to be trained in leadership and to that end provide opportunities for leadership development through service at all levels in the high school. Each grade is given some responsibility in the school and the grade 11 and 12 years are the culmination of the leadership training. Each grade 11 learner becomes a class leader for a class in the school. These grade 11s are responsible for this class during assemblies and at other scheduled times (e.g. leading a short devotional for the class). In the second half of the grade 11 year, a steering committee and team leaders are chosen and appointed to lead the school. Opportunities are provided for all senior learners to serve in some capacity. We rely on our senior learners to provide an example of Christ-like servant leadership to the learners at our school.

  • Learners have representation at the Management Board through their elected class representatives. The Student Representative Council (which is made up of the class representatives) gives learners an opportunity to discuss problems and come up with solutions

Grade 7 to 9 is referred to as “Senior High” as outlined in the National Curriculum Statements. Including Grade 7s as part of our high school means that they are exposed to the subjects and teachers that will teach them in Grade 8 and 9.  Grade 7 is thus a foundational year for high school in which learners are given a solid grounding for future years.

The King's School Robin Hills is a family. We believe that our younger learners benefit from the leadership given by their older 'brothers and sisters' and our senior learners gain valuable lessons in responsibility through interacting with younger children.

We endeavour to maintain a balance between the many opportunities there are for field trips, tours and outings with the economic constraints experienced by parents. We thus try to keep expensive outings to a minimum and try to ensure that those we do take part in can be justified in terms of education and personal development.

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