About Us

Welcome to The King's School Robin Hills, where learners are educated and equipped to make a difference in this world through:

Our Core Values
  • The centrality of the Lord Jesus and the authority of God’s Word;
  • Character development and discipleship in a loving family environment;
  • The partnership of home, school and church;
  • Servanthood;
  • Development of every child’s potential;
  • Faithful stewardship of all that God has given us;
  • Excellence in all that we do.
Vision & Mission Statement

To educate and equip children of Christian parents to serve the Kingdom of God effectively.

The King’s School is a family: we count it as a privilege to have learners from pre-school to matric on one property and we encourage the older learners to be the big brothers and sisters to the younger learners. Because we are co-educational and have all grades represented, we have families who have enrolled 4, 5 or even 6 of their children together here at the school.

The 15 000 hour question – if you are considering which school your child should attend for Grade 1, you are making a 15 000 hour decision… this is how long the average child will spend in the classroom for 12 years of schooling… and even more hours if extra-curricular activities are included.

It has been said that “Education, by its very nature, is a value-laden enterprise. It will implicitly or explicitly express some world view”. What world view do you want your child to have? At The King’s School we believe it is a privilege to be able to impart a biblical worldview to our learners. We take seriously the mandate to prepare our learners for effective Christian living. This school is committed to partner with parents to present the truth about God and His Word as the authoritative source on which to build a young life with purpose and meaning.

Introducing ....

Mr Mike Marais

Mr Mike Marais


Mrs Gerda Buys

Mrs Gerda Buys

Principal - High School

Mrs Pat Fanner

Principal - Primary School

Mrs Alison Sigerson

Principal - Pre-school