Clothing Drive

Every year we have a clothing drive. Of note, in 2011 we participated in an exciting initiative called Clothing 4 Children (C4C) in which we collected an astonishing 2118 bags of clothing weighing in at 15.7 tons! The C4C initiative, started by two brothers, Schalk Burger from St John’s College, and Wim Burger, from Jan Celliers Primary, aims to motivate as many schools across South Africa to open their hearts, and closets, and donate as many items of clothing as possible to disadvantaged communities.

“The response from The King’s School was phenomenal to say the least. Each learner was provided with seven C4C bags to fill with clothing, shoes, toiletries and blankets and bring the items to school on Tuesday, 15 March 2011. As the bags started to pile up, we realised that The King’s School took the challenge to heart and completely internalised what C4C is all about,” explains Wim.


“The C4C initiative personifies what The King’s School is all about, and provided the learners with the opportunity to action their belief of making a difference in the lives of those around them.  We are extremely proud of each and every learner and their overwhelming commitment to drive positive change in South Africa. I don’t think that one can even begin to imagine how many lives have been impacted through their actions,” says Mrs Jenni Joubert, Principal of The King’s School (March 2011).

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