Casual Day

Each September we support the nationwide Casual Day.  Charities throughout the country are supported by donations gathered on this day, particularly organisations that help children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities.  The funds we raised over the last 2 years were donated to Pathways Roodepoort which is a stimulation centre for children and young adults with various disabilities. They are a non-profit organisation and rely on fundraising and donations to keep the centre thriving. In 2013 we raised R2535.

“We are delighted that you chose to support Pathways Roodepoort again on Casual day and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. The funds raised by The King’s School directly benefits Pathways Roodepoort and our special needs children. We are thrilled to have received your support again and hope that you will continue to support Casual day in the future.” Fay Bjornstad, Principal, Pathways Roodepoort (September 2013)