Congratulations to the Matrics of 2022

CEO, Mr Mike Marais and Principal of the high school, Mrs Gerda Buys, applaud all the learners, who, along with their dedicated teachers and devoted parents, showed great commitment to finishing strong.

Among the 37 Matric learners, 62 A’s, 75 B’s and 64 C’s were achieved with 8 learners achieving ‘A’ aggregates and 11 learners achieving ‘B’ aggregates. Four of the learners also scored in the Top 1% of their respective subjects, which is an incredible achievement.

We honour the following learners for their outstanding achievements:

  1. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 8 distinctions, we are so proud of Shannon Groome.
  2. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 7 distinctions, we praise Caitlin Duncan for her efforts.
  3. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 6 distinctions we congratulate 2022 Head Girl, Stacy Oberholzer and Deputy Head Boy, Ryan Persson.
  4. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 5 distinctions, we celebrate Matthew Perkett.
  5. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 4 distinctions, congratulations to Jaewon Byun and Gabriella Karnstedt.
  6. Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and 3 distinctions, we celebrate Mitchell de Jong for his hard work.
  7. We commend the following learners who achieved a ‘B’ aggregate and two or more distinctions; Jeongwon Byun, Leah Charles, Nicole Hattingh, Ethan Hough, Ryan May and Lindokuhle Mokwena.

The following learners achieved in the Top 1% in the following respective subjects:

  • Shannon Groome – Accounting, Information Technology and Life Orientation
  • Stacy Oberholzer – Geography and Life Orientation
  • Ryan Persson – Life Orientation
  • Mitchell de Jong – Geography

As a school that has kept God at the centre of our education for the last 39 years, we honour Him for each learner that has graced our school as well as the exemplary legacy that they leave behind.