Congratulations to the Matrics of 2020

We are very grateful and delighted to celebrate another 100% pass rate. The group was successful in their final examinations despite a very tough and challenging year and built onto the strong legacy of excellence that the school is known for.

Among the 40 learners they achieved 55 As, 67 Bs and 71 Cs. 4 learners achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 8 learners a ‘B’ aggregate.

We honour the following learners for their commendable achievements:

  1. Achieving and ‘A’ aggregate and 6 distinctions – Ariel Sischy.
  2. Achieving and ‘A’ aggregate and 5 distinctions – our 2020 Head Boy Damian Belsham, Jordan Bareiss and Daniel Sergeant.
  3. Achieving a ‘B’ aggregate and 4 distinctions – Melina Heinrich and Simiso Langa make us proud.
  4. Achieving a ‘B’ aggregate and 3 distinctions we honour Jordana Capela, Bulisani Ngwenya and our 2020 Head girl Naleli Onwugbonu.
  • The following learners achieved in the top 1% of the IEB in the following subjects:
  1. Damian Belsham – Life Orientation
  2. Naleli Onwugbonu – Hospitality Studies
  3. Ariel Sischy – Life Orientation

We thank God for His faithfulness and grace in the lives of our learners and acknowledge the crucial role the teachers and parents play in their success stories.