The King’s School Robin Hills is a Christian School that is committed to educate and equip the children of God's people to make a difference. Our teachers are committed to help learners to be conformed to the image of Christ.  Extra-mural activities and sport specifically offer another dimension to the development of children and contributes to relationship building between learners and teacher.

Sport not only offers learners the opportunity for healthy use of leisure time, but also teaches good sportsmanship skills, including the ability to support their team on and off the field.

Sport also contributes to the development of self-esteem of learners.  Sport, as an extra-mural activity forms an integral part of TKSRH education process.

Description & Definition

The aim of offering sport in TKSRH is reflected in the Sport Policy as a whole.   It determines the goals and guidelines to the practice of sport in the school.

Our Vision

  • To develop the God-given talents of every learner at The King's School, irrespective of nationality, race, language, ability or social standing.
  • To use sport to build Christ-like character in each learner.
  • To raise up sportsmen and women of excellence and to enable them to impact the world for Christ.


  • To develop the God-given talents of every learner at TKSRH
  • To build Christ-like character in each learner.
  • To raise up sportsmen and sportswomen of excellence and to enable them to impact the world for Christ.
  • To develop the learner on all levels including the following:
    • strengthening the physical body of the learner;
    • developing the brain, limb and muscle co-ordination of the learner;
    • enabling the learner to handle play as well as social pressures;
    • developing discipline and self-discipline on an informal basis;
    • developing leadership skills;
    • developing group interaction skills;
    • learning basic body skills;
    • enabling the learner to handle stress.

Team Selection

The following criteria will be applied with regard to selection of teams:

  • Practices must be attended;
  • The strongest core of the team will be kept for all matches, if they attend practices, weaker players will be swopped around;
  • We want to give everyone a fair opportunity, but we need to create a winning attitude in our sport, at the same time we want to reward players who are committed.  If we were to swop stronger players for weaker players we would discourage our talented players.  We do however want to build our weaker players and give them an opportunity to take part in a team sport.  All this is in the interest of raising excellence in our sport.

Our Expectations

  • All learners are encouraged to participate in sport at school level;
  • Learners are required to attend training sessions. An attendance register will be kept daily, which will indicate the level of their commitment to their team and their sport;
  • The learners are to be correctly dressed at all times - after all they are ambassadors for Christ, for the school and for their families;
  • We expect punctuality from all learners;
  • The learners are to have a friendly and courteous attitude at all times;
  • The learners are to respect the umpires, referees and coaches, especially decisions that are made during matches or training sessions.
  • Teams are to show responsibility to their environment, always ensuring that facilities (including buses, stands, fields) are left in a clean condition;
  • Learners are to motivate one another to win but also to lose graciously.


Our annual Grade 11 and 12 Mudfight is excitedly anticipated each year and is a thoroughly enjoyed event!