Congratulations to the Matrics of 2019

Following the release of the Matric results, The King’s School Robin Hills is elated to celebrate another 100% pass rate. The group was triumphant in their final examinations and leave behind a strong legacy of excellence that the school is known for and proud of, since the first Matric group that started in 1987.

CEO, Mr Mike Marais and Principal of the high school, Mrs Gerda Buys, applaud all the learners, who, along with their dedicated teachers and devoted parents, showed great commitment to finishing the year and their school careers on a high note.

Among the 42 Matric learners, 55 A’s, 82 B’s and 74 C’s were achieved with six learners achieving ‘A’ aggregates and eight learners achieving ‘B’ aggregates.

We honour the following learners for their outstanding achievements:

  • Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and eight distinctions, we commend our 2019 Head Boy, Andrew Mackechnie.
  • Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and six distinctions, we praise; 2019 Head Girl, Jessica Naidoo as well as Rebecca Groome and James Wilkins.
  • Achieving an ‘A’ aggregate and four distinctions, Jeremy Stott and Jenna van Damme made us proud.
  • Achieving a ‘B’ aggregate and five distinctions, we honour Jasmine Bent.

The following learners achieved in the Top 1% in the following respective subjects:

  • James Wilkins – Business Studies
  • Rebecca Groome – Life Orientation
  • Andrew Mackechnie – Mathematics

We are thrilled that our overall average is again above that of the IEB and we know that persistence, perseverance, and prayer from our learners, staff and parents is what allows us to keep achieving outstanding results year on year.

Thank you to the IEB for their ongoing support and commitment to maintaining high standards in education.