Congratulations to the Matrics of 2018

We are very proud of each and every one of our 2018 Matric learners who through persistence, hard work and perseverance achieved commendable results.

For the 20th consecutive year since the first IEB Matric exams at our school, there is a 100% pass rate!

Between our 60 Matric learners 116 As, 127 Bs and 103 Cs were achieved with 83% of the learners achieving 60% or above.

14 learners achieved an A aggregate with the following learners achieving remarkable results:

_Deborah Odendaal achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 8 distinctions

_Erica Lynne Lomberg achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 7 distinctions

_Isabelle Siaki achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 6 distinctions

_Amy Cooney, Bethany Foxton, Kayla Gordon, Zoë Langa, and Tajmé Maistry achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 5 distinctions

_Cameron Cafferty, Hyunmin Kim, Miné Lubbe, Sarah Oberholzer and Jack Slogrove achieved an ‘A’ aggregate as well as 4 distinctions,

_Teagan Boggett achieved an ‘A’ aggregate and 3 distinctions

_Snenhlanhla Lushaba, Johnty Mchugh and Trent Shippey achieved a ‘B’ aggregate and 4 distinctions

_Carlin Enoch and Darlene Frank both achieved a ‘B’ aggregate and 3 distinctions.

Deborah Odendaal made the list of outstanding achievers as she achieved within the top 5% in six or more subjects and attained a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation.

The following learners are within the top 1% of candidates per subject:

_Geography, Life Sciences and Mathematics – Deborah Odendaal

_Life Orientation – Deborah Odendaal, Kayla Gordon and Amy Cooney

Our overall average is again above that of the IEB.

As a family school that has kept God at the centre of our education for the last 35 years, we honour and thank Him for each learner, parent and teacher who has partnered and prayed with us and we praise Jehovah for His faithfulness and provision.