A year ago, knowing that we were celebrating our 30th birthday in 2014, I began to look for a suitable script that would reflect our values and showcase the God-given gifts and talents of our learners. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and so I asked Dominic Siaki, who matriculated in 2012, if he would rise to the challenge of writing a script for our major production. He was brave enough to come on board and contacted his mentor, Duncan Bouwer, who produced Godspell for our 25th birthday. (Dominic was a member of the cast of Godspell, as was Bubele Booi, another past learner). Duncan and Dominic joined forces to write and produce Starlight.

Bubele agreed to write, arrange and produce the musical score for Starlight and Dominic’s sister Michaela wrote the lyrics for some of the songs. This production is truly home-grown and a fitting way to celebrate God’s faithfulness as a school.

Duncan Bouwer, the director, describes the play as follows:

“A murdered king. A nation torn by war. An infamous pirate captain. A light in the darkness. Set sail with the crew of the fabled pirate ship, the Starlight, and her charismatic captain Jake, as they build up their crew and fan the flame of rebellion against the corrupt king, the dark power of the kingdom, Devlin. It is loosely based on the life of Jesus, but it has never been portrayed this way before. Original music was written for the production and all the singing is live. There are different genres, and individual performances as well.”

We have much to celebrate after 30 years. From humble beginnings with just 30 learners in a house in Craighall, we have grown to 775 learners who are privileged to be educated in such beautiful surroundings with dedicated Christian teachers. We give God the glory for what He has accomplished in and through His humble servants since the school began in 1984.

Jenni Joubert (Principal)