On 4 April 2014 we had No Shoe Day, the purpose of which is "to raise global awareness for children's health and education" (www.onedaywithoutshoes.com) and participants (learners and staff) came to school barefoot, making donations of either cash or a pair of shoes. In 2014, over R3000 was raised which was used towards buying shoes for learners in need at a nearby primary school.  Over 30 boxes of donated shoes (together with 88 bags of clothing) were also collected, which have been donated to Kids Haven (an organization that supports street children). In addition to giving, opportunities are provided for learners to personally engage and serve those in need in our community: with the money raised at No Shoe day some of our learners accompanied learners from a local school to Shoe City, where they helped them select new school shoes.  We have a culture of giving.

“Kids Haven collected a staggering 30 boxes filled with shoes and 88 bags from the learners at The King’s School Robin Hills. This is a wonderful donation for us and we are immensely grateful. We struggle to find shoes in the rights sizes for all of our children (170 at the moment and another 28 in our preschool) so these boxes are like gold to us. Thank you for supporting us for the 3rd year in a row with this incredible donation through this fun initiative. Thank You.” Susan Daly, Kids Haven (April 2014)