Congratulations to the Matrics of 2016

The King's School Robin Hills is immensely proud of the Matric class of 2016. The group was triumphant in their final examinations and leave behind a strong legacy of excellence that the school is known for. We applaud all the diligent leaerns, who, along with their dedicated teachers and devoted parents, showed great commitment to finishing the year and their school careers on a high note.

Congratulations to the Matrics of 2015

We again thank God for His faithfulness and rejoice at the outstanding results of our grade 12s of 2015.  Once again our learners achieved a 100% pass rate!


Of our 65 learners, 60 passed with entry into degree studies and 5 passed with entry into diploma studies.

There were 12 A's and 126 B's and 14 learners achieved A averages 30 learners achieved B averages.

Our overall average was again above the I.E.B. average.


Congratulations to our Matrics of 2014

The King’s School Robin Hills excelled in the final Matric examinations and is indeed ‘positioned to soar’, which was the theme for 2014. Once again we achieved a 100% pass rate. In a group of 48 students, there were 106 subject As and 118 subject Bs. 7 learners achieved averages of above 80%. 67% of our learners achieved an average of above 70%.

Congratulations to our Matrics of 2013

Once again our school achieved 100% pass rate. 40 students gained entry into degree studies and 5 gained entry into diploma studies. We applaud each and every one of our Matric learners. They all faced challenging exams and were not found wanting.
There were 64 A’s and 92 B’s. 3 students achieved averages of above 80% and 17 students achieved averages of above 70%.

Learner specific achievements are as follows:
Lee Hattingh and Nicole Murphy achieved 4 Distinctions each.
Ashleigh Dawson and Azél Viljoen achieved 5 Distinctions.

Class of 2012 puts The King's School on the Map!

We are delighted to report that all 58 matric candidates who wrote the IEB examinations at the end of 2012 passed and we do give God the glory for excellent results. This was a group with tremendous potential and we congratulate all our learners, parents and teachers on their achievements. A big thank you to our intercessors for the role they played undergirding our Matrics with prayer throughout the year.

Well done to all our Matrics of 2011!

Once again, another 100% pass rate! More than 50% of our learners achieved above 70% average.

36 Bachelors Degree entries, 5 Diploma entries, 77 A’s and 91 B’s.

Our Top Achievers in 2011:

Clarise Snyman

8 Distinctions: Afrikaans 1st additional language, English, Maths, Maths Paper 3, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Geography.

Clarise is listed on the IEB commendable list and is studying Medicine at Wits University.